I’m Helen Farmer. Previously Helen Spearman – the name change is still taking some getting used to, never mind the fact I now drive a seven-seater car instead of a beat-up 4×4 and have two daughters. There’s a husband and a couple of cocker spaniels too. One is staring at me right now. We live in a villa just over the road from the beach. We really should go to the beach more.

I’ve been in the Middle East for 15 years, including a few months in Bahrain and the rest in Dubai, where I work as a broadcast journalist, writer, and presenter.

I start hobbies I don’t finish (hello screen printing), love swimming, go to the gym for the music, and seem to find myself on the top of mountains from time to time, wondering how I got there.

The years in Dubai have brought amazing friends, my marriage, babies and a career; and for that I’ll always be grateful. But this place is a little, umm, taxing at times. Ironic…

While I don’t really identify as a ‘Dubai mummy influencer’, I’m a mum who writes and talks about HONEST motherhood, the brands I personally use and believe in and so much more so there we go!